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of the white house tonight. the obama administration is speaking. president obama is at the podium to talk about the development in libya. >> all should give thanks to the men and women serving in our embassies and consulates around the world, they represent the best of our country and values. throughout the period across the region, the united states maintained a set of core principles that guide our approach and they apply to the situation in libya. last week, we strongly condemn the use of violence in libya. the american people extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones who were killed and injuries and -- injured, the suffering and blood shed is outrageous and unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protestors and to further punish the people of libya. they violate every norm and standard of common descents. this must stop the united states strongly supports the universal right of the libyan people, that includes the right to peaceful assembly, free speech and the people to determine their own destiny. and these are human rights, they're not negotiab
, meanwhile, after weeks of diplomatic stops and starts, president obama urged the egyptian people to hold on to the democratic goals of the protest. >> the military has served patriotically and responsibly as a caretaker to the state and will have to ensure a transition that is credible in the eyes of the egyptian people. >> reporter: questions remain over what kind of government will take route in egypt and for now, the shouts of celebration ring out on the streets of cairo. here in washington, officials are trying to still evaluate what this means for the united states. the demonstrations have been free of anti-americanism. now that mubarak is gone, shawn, the united states is keeping a close eye on who might play a role in any egyptian government. >> let's talk about that, who what is next? the director of middle east projects at george mason university joins us tonight. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, shawn. >> reporter: we know the people of egypt got something they wanted, took them 18 days to get rid of 30 years of dictatorship. what is next? what challenges lay ahead? >> r
down. we'll have the latest coming up. >>> and president obama offers an olive branch to a group highly critical of the health care and financial reform.  >>> over the weekend, they met for the first time to discuss the future. joining us now from the newsroom with the latest. >> there were some small signs of return to normalcy today. but the crisis is taking on all the signs of a standoff. on one side, the demonstrators who remain on the street and the other, the mubarak government who is now reaching out to the opposition groups. >> now in their third week, the sounds of protest continue in cairo. but while protesters are still demanding president mubarak to leave now, they are showing no signs of leaving the fourth term and in september. as egypt reopens while mubarak, himself was on tv seen meeting with his new cabinet. and president obama called the developments progress. >> what about the situation in egypt today? situation egypt? >> yes. >> obviously we just need to go there. to prepare and i think you're making forces. >> that passes a growing concern. the president on sund
this afternoon prior to mubarak's speech, president obama said that the united states would continue to support the goals of the protestors but he did not outright call for mubarak to step down. and so going -- >> so going forward, we want the young people and all egyptians to know that america will continue to do everything that we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy in egypt. >> reporter: there was a lot of confusion that swirled throughout the day. earlier, there were reports of mubarak's resignation that started or as a military coup. the army had announced it had taken steps to safeguard the country, and those reports intensified when cia director leon pineta told a congressional hearing this morning that there was a strong likelihood that mubarak was going step down today. >> and there seems, obviously, to be a disconnect between the white house and cia on what was going to happen in egypt today. are we going to hear more from president obama about this? >> reporter: president obama himself said in his address in michigan today that he would have more to say, but
for the update. >>> and one day after sending the budget to capitol hill, president obama is sending a message to congress, don't cut too much or the recovery could statement it was a full plate at the president's news conference this morning. budget cuts, spending, egypt and the middle east. tom fitzgerald is here to break it down for us. first, what is the president saying about republican attacks to on his budget plan? >> reporter: laura, the president said he was optimistic, that once both sides get out, the democrats and republicans will be able to come together is come in an agreement on the budget and there are still big questions that remain. about the security and medy care that still remain on the table. it in his first news conference this year, president obama compared his $3.7 trillion budget to the household budgets many americans have tightened themselves. >> we're not going to run up the credit card anymore. that's important. >> reporter: the president has drawn criticism from liberals, the proposing cuts and college grants, heating aids for -- for the poor and federal salary f
. the white house may be moving to speed up the departure of the egyptian president. president obama spoke just moments ago and had strong words about the violence over the past two days in egypt. tom fitzgerald has been following the latest today on this issue. so what is the administration doing to get mubarak to step down. >> reporter: the white house has made no secret they're in contact with the top general of the egyptian army but what is not known is what those conversations were about. tonight the new york times is reporting that the obama administration has been reaching out to the vice-president should mubarak step down right away. mubarak says he'll stay on to september, saying he's concerned that the country would plunge into more disorder if he left now. in washington today, president obama called on political reforms in egypt to start now and condemned the resent violence against demonstrators and journalists. >> we are sending a strong and unequivocal message, attacks on reporters are unacceptable. attacks on human rights activists are unacceptable. attacks on peaceful prote
the obama administration missed an opportunity to support the iranian opposition in 2009 and it's making sure that it doesn't make that same mistake now. >> reporter: a rapidly changing situation that analysts say demonstrate how the end of the protests in egypt is just the beginning of protests now sweeping the region. tonight this unrest in the middle east even spread to longtime u.s. antagonist libya where muammar qaddafi has ruled with an iron fist. in that country, they are calling for the libyan strongman to be deposed. >> thank you. >>> we're following a developing story in northeast dc. police are investigating the death of a man, happened on 15th street. the body was discovered around noon today. suffering from what appeared to be gunshot wounds. we have no word yet tonight on the man's identity or possible suspects. we'll stay on top of that. >>> also following a developing story from woodbridge. the gunman accused of shooting a woman to death on a fast food restaurant parking lot is under arrest tonight. danielle everett is now facing murder charges. investigators believe ado
host rush limbaugh is criticizing first lady michelle obama's eating habits and implying she's fat and. he's calling her a hypocrite for launching an antiobesity campaign and ordering ribs in denver. they had 1500 calories and 140 grams of fat and he criticized hotter show. >> the problem is and dare i say this, it doesn't look like michelle obama follows her own nutritionary dietary advice. i'm trying to say our first lady does not project the image of women you that might see on the cover of the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue or of a woman alex rodriguez might date every six months or what have you. >> huh? >> in her let's move campaign, she said that occasional treats are fine as long as you make healthy choices most of the time. >>> and your fat cat or pudgy pooch may look cute but like adults overweight, may cause major health problems. a recent report found pet obesity is reaching epidemic proportions with more than half of the cats and dogs being overweight. dr. hugh frank hughes joining us here today -- drahughs is joining us with frank. >> thank you. >> when they talk abo
battle began today. president obama support his $3.73 trillion spending plan to congress. the president said it contains $1.1 trillion in deficit -- deficit teaing -- savings over the next decade and republicans are slamming the plan saying the so-called investments in our future is that code for more spending. >> education is an investment we need to win the future and that isic innovation and infrastructure is an investment that we need to win the future. >> and to make sure that we can afford these investments, we're going to have to get serious about cutting back on those things that would be nice to have but we can do without. >> and republicans plan to offer their own spending proposal for 2012. >>> dire warnings for schools today. the school board unanimously approved a $2.2 billion budget proposal for next year. the county said that is money it doesn't have. officials say anything less than that will meet draftic cuts in the classroom and sherri ly is live with more. >> reporter: the school board's vote is what is considered the first move in a complicated chess mask. it must ge
, president obama's comment we need to buck up here in d.c. >> and i think today was the good day to keep them home. >> i agree. >>> and to the murder of chandra leavy. the case should be closed. there are new developments. don't miss what her convicted killer is demanding now. >>> and it's melanie alnwick counselor -- down here. we're checking out the daily news corp's $30 million venture into journalism and we'll talk about it next. >>> keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is coming back.  >> a man convicted of killing chandra levy was a new trial. the lawyers say juror misconduct and improper closing arguments justify their request and it's not clear what it was. watch cookie was in prison for attacking two other runners in rock creek park when charged with levy's murder. >>> the steroids capital surviving roger clemons continues. he was in federal court for another hearing and dave feldman joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: roger clemens told a federal judge that heways any conflict of interest that may arise from the lead criminal defense attorney and briefly representing t
, not because they were directed to. >> reporter: at a prayer breakfast, meanwhile, president obama called for egypt's political reforms to start now. >> and we pray the violence e in crypt will end and the rights and aspirigs of the egyptian people will be realized. >> reporter: and outside of egypt's embassy in washington -- . >> no! no! [ speaking in native tongue ] >> reporter: opponent and supporters of hosni mubarak. >> i'm supporting the egyptian and mubarak. he was not that bad at all. >> reporter: squared off and not with weapons but with words. >> i think he should discount his losses and walk away, allow a transitional government to come in. >> reporter: in egypt where both sides continue to wage street battles, the question remains: when or will egypt's army move in to stop the violence and there is another development to tell you b. abc news is reporting tonight that it's conducted an interview with the egyptian president and in that interview, he claims he can't step down immediately because if he does, the country will spiral further into turmoil, well. >> and another develo
therapy at a rehabilitation facility in houston. >>> and president obama met today for the first time with republican leadership since they took control of the house and that lunch meeting focused largely on spending cuts and the budget debate. the house speaker baner, canitor and mccarthy found some common ground with the president and didn't make any official agreements. the white house press secretary robert gibbs said the meeting was not a negotiating session. >>> a sharp drop in unemployment the past two months is welcome news to millions of job hunters. you can expect a tough job market the next few years. ben bernanke testified the house budget committee today before them. unemployment now stands at 9% after the fastest two month decline in more than 50 years. he said there is reason for optimism and though we still have a long road ahead. >> reporters reluctant to add to payrolls. it will be several years before the inmoment rate has returned to a more normal level. until we see a sustained period of stronger job creation, we can't consider the recovery to be truly established
for social security, medicare and medicade. jim angle has more. >> reporter: just a day after president obama's fiscal year 2012 budget landed on capitol hill, treasury secretary timothy geithner testified in several -- separate hearings before the house and senate. >> the most important things to do to improve the long-term growth is to improve the quality of our education system to invest in innovation and to rebuild our infrastructure. >> reporter: all republicans and skeptical democrats say the investments translate into more spending in a time when government should be tightening its belt to address the nation's growing debt. >> the president and democratic leaders in congress have decided to take a pass. they're either unwilling to admit washington needs to live within its means or not willing to make the tough choices to get us. there. >> reporter: some complained the president doesn't address the biggest problem in future years, the entitlement spending like social security and medy care. >> we're borrowing roughly 40- cents on the dollar, much of it from the chinese. we're sending ou
michelle obama is revealing her husband has quit smoke. she said today that he hasn't spoked -- smoked in almost a year and she's proud of him. this is a personal challenge for him. the president admitted in june of '09 he still had the occasional cigarette and she made her remarks to reporters during an interview today. >>> and let's check in with brian for a look at what ask is coming up on the news edge at 6. >> what the president needs is to get lacics surgery. >> lacics? >> makes you so -- lasix -- it would make you never want to smoke again. you're so sensitive. i haven't had a cigar in a long time. >>> it's been one year since a whistle-blower claimed the breathalyzers used by d.c. police were not working accurately. tonight, fox 5 learned there are still problems with the program. what officers are being asked to do now. >>> there is talk in montgomery county of taking over the electric company. one company has been running the local elect ritcompany since 1916. >>> and in cooper's hawk, that spent days living inside the library of congress is now a free bird. we were there and
directly from president obama telling mubarak that the united states believe that his time as president of egypt came to an end and at the same time, the current u.s. ambassador to egypt, margaret stobys meeting with mohammad al-baradi, one of the leaders of the opposition. >> mubarak will not seek re- election. how much longer does he have on his current term? >> reporter: there is two answers to that. officially, september and that is a error error months from now. that is when he said he will then stand by and allow someone else to be elected to egypt n. reality, though, diplomats we have talked to and some who have known and spoken with mubarak tell us that the installing a of that vice president on friday allows mubarak an avenue in which he can set up a transfer of power to the vice president and possibly, eventually leave power and allowing the vice president to work with opposition forces and leading to a fall election and this is in the air though. demonstrators were not happy about this. as the streets -- speech was going out, demonstrators were heard say going now and they we
of the libyan army leaving their post and joining the demonstrators. and president obama continues speaking with various leaders to discuss the ongoing crisis in the country. in his call with the president and separate calls with president sarcozi of france, prime minister, rather, cameron of the united kingdom, and prime minister belosconi of italy, the president explains the uni-- unilateral place of the united states is implementing and uniting on the desire to coordinate with what all eyes are considering. >> the mideast uprising spread to other nations. five people were killed as thousands of iraqi citizens gathered to protest the country's government and in yem men -- yemen, prayers were mass demonstrations as tens of thousands gathered to demand the ouster of their president after 32 years. >> thank you, brian bolter. >>> first, the couple chairman found himself under fire for ordering a luxury suv that cost taxpayers nearly $2,000 a month. then mayor gray himself hired suleman-brown, a man who ran against him and then he was fired the next day. and matt ackland has more. >> reporter
lost control of large parts of the country. president obama is talking on the phone with british and french authorities and they're discussing creating a knew no- fly zone over libya. the goal is to keep ghadafi from bombing protestors, something the libyan government denies they were doing. >>> did you see it? liftoff for the space shuttle discovery. nasa's busiest shuttle is on the final flight. we'll be live with the latest on this one. >>> and the budget battle in wisconsin finally comes to a head. state troopers dispatch to awol senators homes, will lawmakers actually vote on this. we'll stay on top of this story. >>> and some rain moved in in time to make it a wet commute. sorry about that. the rain is going stay with us and why rain is not the only weather concern in the forecast tomorrow and we'll talk about that coming up in your first forecast in just a bit. >>> all right, gary, thanks. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 is coming back. tr rtiontui >> we have liftoff on the space shuttle discovery's final flight. nasa's workhorse spacecraft blasted off f
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